The main challenge addressed in the SATis5 project is the satellite-terrestrial network integration within the 5G ecosystem.

The activity tackles the following major technical challenges concerning the various technology enablers:

  • Distribution of orchestration across the specific communication environment;
  • Distribution of the control plane across the specific communication environment;
  • Slice Management and Service Function Chain Orchestration through the integration with NFV-MANO;
  • Security enforcement and isolation of the multiple slices;
  • Reduction of state management for flexible elasticity and migration;
  • VNF-programmability and customisation to address the specific needs of the applications;
  • End-to-end management and interworking across multiple carriers including: WAN Infrastructure Manager (WIM);customer edge router (in the Access Network); provider edge router (between Access Network and Core Network); and the integration with legacy and 3rd party services;
  • Security-by-design: integrated security solution within the architecture, customizable to the requirements of the applications;
  • Orchestration of the edge intelligence and Multi-access Edge Computing¬†(MEC) node, functional split and synchronisation with central nodes;
  • New Radio (NR) integration with satellite, convergent integration of existing technologies;

Extension of device management for network assisted slice selection in a multi-slice environment.

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