SATis5 demonstrates at the 10th anniversary FUSECO Forum of Fraunhofer FOKUS in Berlin

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Satis5 demonstrated successfully at the 10th anniversary FUSECO Forum in Berlin, on 7 and 8 November both broadband multimedia and narrowband Internet of Things (IoT) applications using so called backhaul satellite connectivity. The demonstration relied on iDirect equipment this time and satellite connectivity was provided by SES from their hub in Betzdorf. Both iDirect and SES are partners in SATis5.

The network diagram of the testbed used for the demonstration

Björn Riemer from Fraunhofer FOKUS shows the video acquisition application, whilst on the large screen on the left hand side the narrowband IoT sensor data are shown .

Adam Kapovits, Eurescom GmbH and project leader of SATis5 (far left) talks to Marc Hofmann from DLR (far right), whilst Thomas Schlichter from Frauhofer IIS, subcontractor in SATis5 is in the background at left. (DLR is representing Germany in ESA and as such grants the funding for the German partners in SATis5.)

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